PRI Firm Assessment

PRI's Firm Assessment is intended to help you assess your firm’s risk and competitiveness with regard to Compliance, Strategy, and Practice Management for your retirement business.

Development and maintenance of key documents and rule-monitoring services tailored to your business

Profitable balancing of risk management with growth and marketability

Practice Management
Continued growth and scale of your business through education and service-specific, client-facing deliverables

Section # of Yes answers
Compliance 0
Strategy 0
Practice Management 0
Firm Score: 0
Firm Score Summary and Action Items
12-14 Firm has many positive factors, with some opportunities to reduce risk and/or improve competitiveness.
8-11 Firm has several opportunities to reduce risk and/or improve competitiveness.
7 or fewer Firm has greater risk and/or reduced competitiveness than other firms in the market. Potential for compliance risks to materialize is greater than peers.

How PRI helps:

  • PRI provides a comprehensive compliance framework to review, establish, and maintain your retirement business.
  • PRI provides insightful and actionable guidance on regulatory changes that impact your retirement business.
  • PRI’s strategic consulting helps you and your advisors effectively balance risk management with growth and marketability.
  • PRI helps member firms and advisors grow and scale their business through education, ongoing consulting and service-specific, client-facing deliverables.

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